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Playing as LĂșcio
After dying as Lucio, pay attention to the game feed if some of your team mates are dying, wait for them to respawn and get them back to the fight fast with your speed boost.
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Playing as Roadhog
Don't forget the melee strike when you hook someone. Lots of characters will survive if you just shoot them.
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Playing with Symmetra
Faster heroes like Tracer or Genji should avoid using the teleporter unless absolutely necessary (like overtime) to allow slower heroes to utilize the limited slots the teleporter has available.
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Playing as Mercy
After using Guardian Angel (Shift) you can cancel it mid-flight by pressing shift again. in case you don't need to fly all the way
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Playing as Hanzo
Never launch your ulti while Hanzo on a "high position". It's useless and dragons will hit the ground and disappear

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Playing with Bastion
If you have a Bastion on your team, go Torbjorn and go level five turret mode with Mercy, Orisa, or Reinhardt.
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Playing as Junkrat
Go Junkrat spamming on a spawn door at the beggining of a game. You are most likely to hit, and kill at least one person.
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Playing as Tracer
Tracer's main purpose is to push the objective. Blink in, get as many kills as you can, and then recall out to your team or your team will be at the objective by then.
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Playing as Roadhog
When playing as Roadhog, have your sensitivity up high so you can quickly change the direction of the hook to hit your opponents, real them in, and then kill them with a blast and a melee.
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Playing defense in Temple Of Anubis
Temple of anubis on paras