What is this?

This website is made by NoSkillCorp which is no company. Just a bunch of guys working on a side project.
We wanted to help share tips and ideas from the community of Overwatch players.
Content is completely anonymous, and there is no login required to vote or create a tip.

Can you add this feature I just thought about ?

Yeah of course we can, we already have a bunch of extra features that we want to add, but we're open for any ideas.
Send us a tweet @0verwatchTips and we'll look at your proposal.

I want to contribute

And you should ! Open an issue or make a pull request on Github as much as you want.
If everyone could do this instead of requesting features, that would be great.

The website is built using Ruby on Rails.

To run the website simply fork the Github and run bundle install, rake db:migrate.
rails s to launch the server and you should be ready to go.

Overwatch Tips API

An API is available if you want to create a chatbot or whatever using tips from overwatch-tips.com See the documentation available here.

Ideas ?

If you have any idea or whatever, feel free to send us a tweet @0verwatchTips