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Playing as Hanzo

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Never launch your ulti while Hanzo on a "high position". It's useless and dragons will hit the ground and disappear
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An arrow at full power shot straight up will return to the ground in approx. 18 seconds. You can use this to spray arrows in an area you expect the enemy to be occupying shortly. You can also do this to shoot your beacon arrow up in front of the spawn door 18 seconds before the match starts on defense maps. When the doors open you'll have sight on their initial push and another beacon arrow you can fire off already ready to go!
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You can aim Hanzo's "Scatter Arrow" on the ground just infront of an enemy. This will cause the arrows to ricochet towards your opponent like a shotgun blast. Which will deal tons of damage, especially to characters with large hitboxes.
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want to be a good teammate ? Use your "radar arrow" on the entrance of the ennemy's spawnroom. Do it 5 seconds before the battle start
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Best mates for your ulti ? Reinhart Mei Zarya All these characters can stop the move of your ennemy. Wait for it and... "A"
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save scatter to use it on healers because they're the first ones to take care of
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Hanzo's ultimate (Dragonstrike) summons a dragon that passes through walls and any other objects in it's way. Try to position it in ways to corner your opponents, or with the help of other teammates who are pinning them down with suppressive fire!
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Hanzo's scatter arrow can be devastating in close corners while you're inside of buildings, the arrows will bounce off of any nearby objects and bounce again and again for a short while. It can be a tricky way to snipe targets behind Reinhardt's shield.
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Initial Arrow of Scatter Arrow & Dragon Strike can headshot, but the scattered arrows and the dragon can't.
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You don't just pick him up it takes a couple months so be patient and practice and I guarantee you will be better take that from me a hanzo main. Also dragonstrike is not used for damage always its a good way to block the enimies vision to allow a push
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Get headshots..enough said.

Playing with Hanzo

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Make sure to protect Hanzo, he has very few defensive capabilities and is squishy
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EAt samwhches
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Always worth staying between him and the enemy. He can be a very good support/defence crossover when used right. Also, keep running up those walls. you may not get over, but it can buy you time in a close one-on-one situation...

Playing against Hanzo

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As a genji, you can deflect the initial arrow of scatter arrow, sonic arrow and dragon strike (yes you can !).
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When starting a payload, hybrid, or Attack/Defend match as the attacking team, stand away from the forward wall! This prevents an enemy Hanzo from using his Sonic Arrow to see your team composition during setup time, letting you hold on to the element of surprise for the initial push.
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Get close to him but not close enough that he can spam arrows comfortably